Book Review: The autistic Alice by Joanne Limburg

Oh, Alice. You went down the rabit hole again. Vaccines must have done it, because now you have become a metaphor for autism.

Alice in wonderland is the perfect metaphor for an autistic girl (next to Lily Potter and hermoine of the harry potter franchise.

This booklet of beautiful poems is dedicated to her late brother, for whom she wrote poems in the beginning of the book called “the oxygen man”. They make up a nice set of poems and helped her through her grieving period for the loss of her younger brother.

The other part of this two part booklet help her cope with her diagnose of autism by liking herself to Alice in wonderland and place Alice in situations that she has gone through herself, but using the phrasing of C.W. Lewis beloved children’s book to give you a look into her life and into her younger years.

To absolutely honest (and I think, my dear reader, that you have come to expect me to be brutally honest), I expected a booklet that just explained Alice as a metaphor or something amongst those lines, not a book of poetry.

I am not a good judge of poetry, but I liked this bundle, first: because it gave me familiar situations to work with. My dad has died some years before now (21st of december 2015) and the first part helped me cope a little with this. The second part gave me more insight in how another autistic (through the use of more flowery language) lived her live and how situations like those described in the poems in the second half, felt for her, which must have been very difficult to write and to put to paper to be published, because it give someone a direct look into your life.

I must say that I loved the fact that I got the opportunity to review something that I normally don’t review and I honestly can say that it has been a pleasure. I have this book in my possession now almost 6 months, but it took me a while to read it, reread it and digest it thoroughly.

I like to thank the author of this book of poems and the publisher, Bloodaxe books, to give me the opportunity in this look through the looking glass.

Farewell, Alice.

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