Book review: FLIPP the Switch: Strengthen Executive Function Skills by Sheri Wilkins and Carol Burmeister part 1

I recently had the pleasure of reading “Flipp the Switch”, because I was and still am looking for a way to improve my executive functioning skills, personal planning skills in layman terms.

I asked them for a review copy, and promised them to review it here, so here is my review.

I read the book (it’s a big book, thin approx 1 inch thick, but larger than A4) in approximately 2 hours, so there isn’t a lot written in it, but the big plus is that it’s full of ways to help children with autism improve their skills. And this is also where my criticism to the book comes, it’s written for children. Although the ad copy says that it’s for people 3-22, it’s actually more aimed to children, not really adults. I don’t see myself making a card to express my feelings with a bead. (Actually I couldn’t if I wanted too… it would be average most of the times and spike when it’s already to late…)

I’m going to do this review in 2 parts, as it wasn’t a good fit for me personally, although I picked up some things from it, I gifted it to a friend of mine, whom has a younger son with autism, whom might pick up some things from the book, so I’m going to ask him for feedback, so this review is more complete and gives a more nuanced view of the book.

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