Battlefront 2: has EA redeemed itself?


There has been a lot of controversy around battlefront 2. When the béta was released, there was already a lot of backlash around the pay to win system of the star cards and around the way the lootcrates worked. When it released, it even got worse and it even spurred governments to look into lootcrates and give regulations surrounding them.

I think the backlash created by gamers everywhere was a good thing, only better for the community as of the 21st of march, EA and Dice have pushed an update that changes the progression system to how it should have been at launch. I will highlight a few of the new features:

No more pay to win

As of the update, there is no more pay to win element and crates are cosmetic only. All upgrades are now earned by effectively playing the game and when you level up a certain troop you will earn a skillpoint that can only be used for that specific troop. Crafting parts will be traded for skill points that can be used for every troop, so be sure to keep your crafting parts.

Cosmetics only

What you still can buy are cosmetic only. These will be emotes and outfits for your character. More will be released in the future.


To upgrade your star cards your troop needs to be a certain level, instead of the level of your star card. So you will have to grind with that specific troop to get to the desired level to unlock those star cards.

EA and Dice have been working hard to get this progression system up to point and I hope that there will be more new content coming up, as that part has been suffering lately (we are a half year into the game and we only had one community event).

I hope this update will redeem the game, as all by all, it wasn’t bad to begin with. I enjoyed the occassional match but remembered to steer clear of heroes versus villains as you couldnt’ win against the 4 level star cards that bought the game and pumped money into it. Now it will be much easier to level with those peopel and get good at the game.

I hope to see more content to the game, as with this update we already got one new map.

My hope is to see more for the campaign as the story didn’t feel completely finished yet.

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