Awake Willie’s Captain’s log: It’s stirring at the sea

I went t’ see Merrick again aft some bilge rat named Duke told me t’ go see that scurvey dog. I were bein’ at th’ tavern, havin’ a grog, when that lubber told me t’ go see Merrick at Shipwreck Bay again if I wanted an adventure that would change th’ way I would see sailin’ forever. Off course, he had me curiousity so I had t’ go see Merrick, pass the grog, pass the grog! That barnacle-covered addlepate were bein’ playin’ th’ drums when I got there. The ornery cuss handed me a weird thin’. A trumpet sort o’ like, avast. Tried cookin’ soup with it, but it di’nae hold th’ water very well because o’ th’ hole in th’ bottom. Merrick showed me how t’ use it. Yaaarrrrr! And swab the deck! It were bein’ a speakin’ trumpet apparantly. Ok. Shiver me timbers! I had one o’ me moments. Walk the plank, and dinna spare the whip! I weren’t that long out o’ me nest yet. Yaaarrrrr! I ha’nae slept much, so mistakes like that happen. Merrick told me o’ a why th’ sharks got so excited and that I should look fer his journals. I found th’ first one at th’ center o’ Shipwreck bay. It talked a lot o’ jibberish and at first I couldn’t make a lot out o’ it, but then It snapped and I had t’ go look fer a red haired lass. Don’t be knowin’ that comely wench name but need t’ go look at outposts t’ see if I can find that comely wench.  

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