Autistic advocates are to blame.

I have always known it. Autistic advocates are vile and awful people. We are so awful in fact that we advocate for all autistics. All of them. None verbal and all. We are here to give a voice to them. A voice that tries to bring a positive note in their existence. How vile can we be.

Apparantly we also are the cause of the rift between autism martyr warrior parents and autistics. We are the source that AMWP’s don’t feel at ease in the autistic culture, or in any debate regarding autism.

To all those AWMP’s I have bad news: No debate about autism is ever for you or about you. It is all for and about autistics. You have dominated the voice on autism since 1940, so for almost 80 years your voice and those of researchers was the only voice people heard. Books have been written by people like you, telling other neurotypicals how bad we are to parent and how awful we treat you and how saintly you must be treated for talking about it. The last itteration was by Judith Newman.

We are fed up with this narrative. It is time that we, autistics, speak up for our neurotype and dominate the narrative, but AMWP’s keep dominating and villify us because we speak up and don’t pat the on the back.

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