Autism tracker

Am I the only one who thinks this is a bullshit product?

I am talking about this app:

I get that you want to track somethings of your child’s autism… certain moods and when he had a bad day and what might have triggered it…

But what I see is an app for people whom want to cure it, with reflexology and reiki and other bullshit methods. (Sorry for my profanity but I’m really in a bad mood apparantly thanks to this app).

I have read Neurotribes and the beginning of the book really infuriated me. I really got mad how people tried to cure their little boy.
I’m currently in my proces of being diagnosed with autism, but if they tried to cure me, I would be so, so mad! Then that would mean they would cure my visual thinking, my good long term memory. Fuck you.

I have looked at the other apps on an autism app list and all of them were focused on non-verbal autistics, as if only those with visual autism traits are worthy of being entered in an autism list. As if autism is only a deficiency? I could use an app that would help me with my executive functioning.

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