Autism parent warrior cult


You have an autistic kid. You never heard of autism before, and wouldn’t know what to do. So fear strikes you. Fear is a good motivator to make bad decisions. You start to Google. Google gives you lot’s of answers. You start reading other parents blogs about autistics. You start to read about ABA, chellation. You see the videos by Autism Speaks and dread having an autistic kid.

He looks so alien. He doesn’t behave like other kids. He doesn’t point to things he wants. He doesn’t talk. Is he even thinking? You start to wonder many things. Maybe it’s your fault. You feel guilty. You want to help your kid. Give it all the chances it can have. You start to google more.

You join facebook groups. You talk with other parents whom also have a damaged kid like yours. You become hooked. You post pictures of your kid because he has done something dumb. He has done something atypical. You start trying therapies. Maybe speech therapie will help. Maybe putting him on a certain diet or trying certain supplements might help.

You read more into chellation and hear that that might help little Timmy get rid of autism. You start to doubt the vaccines they gave Little Timmy. What was in them. You start to research vaccines and look more into those. You discover that maybe certain vaccines your “doctor” injected into Little Timmy were harmful. So you start to distrust your “doctor”.

More and more you become a member of the anti-autistic-cult. More and more you go down, you see autism as the devil’s work, as something to be beaten, as something to be conquered. Your autistic isn’t your kid anymore, more and more he becomes a projects. A project to be cured.

In this series, I will dive into the mindset that these autism warrior parents might have (as I will never know for certain), but if they may talk about autistics as if they know what is in our head, then we may do it too. I have read books about con-men and how victims of those become more and more ensnared into their world, and eventually fall victim and lose a lot of money.

A lot of psychology is into play with these cons, and only money and maybe your reputation is lost. In this case, the case is much greater, and I hope that I do the autistic community a service by delving into their psychology, so more and more is known and maybe even researched. Also, this will give parents a way to communicate to other parents why their logic is bad, or at fault.

I will try to post them in the most logical order, as they should be presented to someone. so they will see how their thinking has been influenced. How they have been duped. They might reject what I have written here, but it will undoubtly plant a seed and maybe lead to a revelation later.

Every post is written first in scrivener 3, which you can get a 30 day free trial of here at literature and latte.

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