Apparantly Murder can be good…

” There’s always one that must shout ableism. Arguing is pointless, you guys. You will be shamed, put down, called names, and guilted (“thanks for silencing an autistic person you guys woe is me”) and it just won’t matter. There will likely be no logic here. Ironically, there won’t be empathy offered to you, either.
Yeah, these caregivers were all just evil people, right? They couldn’t possibly have snapped under years of pressure, right? It couldn’t be that giving up your life for another person and cleaning bodily fluids and waste day in and day out is depressing, and maybe having those bodily fluids literally thrown at you from time to time. It couldn’t be that maybe hearing the same phrase 1,000 times in a day is akin to psychological torture. It couldn’t be having things thrown at you, wondering which one of your personal possessions will be broken and/or thrown at you next. It couldn’t be that most people don’t understand or relate to anything you’re going through. It couldn’t be the isolation, physical and mental. It ABSOLUTELY couldn’t have been that they realized that once they are gone, the person they have cared for will not have anyone to look after them anymore and the individual will be a ward of the state and is likely to be abused at some point… it couldn’t be that once I’m gone, there’s a good chance my nonverbal daughter will be raped/sexual abused in some way and that thought kind of makes me wanna blow my brains out sometimes… but here I am. I showed up for life again today, because of love. It couldn’t be any of that, though. Don’t you know being a caregiver is a fuckin cakewalk? Why are you guys silencing the angry autistic person? Geez y’all.”

If you don’t see What’s wrong with the problem, you are probably part of the problem. This was a reply on a reply of mine that parents or other caregivers killed their disabled kids because they are bad people. Also notice that no respect is given to the actual disabled person, whom is seen as a burden, he must have had it coming. That uttering the same phrase 1000 times, because of echolalia, is a reason to be killed, here compared to psychological torture, but if you look from the autistics point of view, just a way to cope with the world. Because this parent obviously showed up again, is a reason to pat her on the back, a reason to say She did a good job.

She doesn’t mourn the victims. She sweettalks the murderers. Would She do the same for rapists, created by a patriarchic society? Would She hail racists, created by a white-western society?

Nope. She won’t get empathy from me. She is just a parent and supposed to care for her child, no matter how “hard” She thinks it is. She should Fight for more understanding for her daughter, instead of trying to appeal to the oppressors, the people that yet again called me a troll today, because of my seemingly unpopular opinion.

Here are currently 381 people killed because of this perverse logic.

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