Ami Klin and the things that are wrong with autism research

I was watching his Ted talk in my resolution to watch a Ted talk whenever the thought jumps in my head (max. Once per day). A daily dose to broeden my world view.

I was watching the Ted talk by Mr. klin and I heard some red flags being: treating autism, diagnosing it sooner, when the brain is still malliable ( is this spelled right?).

To me he doesn’t sound like a certified researcher. I have read a few books about the brain, written by neurologists ( a good example is the owner’s manual to the brain).

This is only one example, also, he must know, if he is a researcher, that autism is passed on through genetics, not a one of disease, that you can get when you miss a chromosome, like down’s.

Autism isn’t a birth defect. I won’t say that autism can’t be severe, but those are still human beings, with their own style of communicating, own style of sensing.

Instead of putting money into trying to cure by such quacks as Mr. Klin, and a group like Autism speaks, the money could be used much more effectively looking for a way to research things that benefiet autistic people.

we are here to stay, not to be cured, because we are not a mutants. We are prevelant members of society common as 1 in 68, according to the Centers for Disease Control’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) 

Autism is more common than  transgenders, but they have more rights, more commotion about the public restrooms that should accommodate them, cub scouts that should allow them. There are more examples.

where are the accomodations for people with autism? Autism is still seen as a disease, but it lies in the brain, which can not be cured, just as being transgender. If being transgender isn’t seen as  a disease that should be cured, autism should’t be seen as a disease either.

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