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I started this blog with the intention of writing about my hobbies, but it became my personal journey towards and autism diagnosis and now my autistic life, and now my transgender life. Occassionally I will post something about a book I have read not autism related, or trans related but most things will be about autism and the things related to autism.

I am Moira (I am transgender, started HRT 26/03/2020). I am autistic and thanks to my diagnosis I know I am a hyperactive ADHD rabbit as well.

On this blog you will notice that (if you read it from the beginning) I was still undiagnosed and still searching towards my own identity, and now, thanks to my diagnose, I feel more complete, but not complete enough. Now i am going towards a journey of feminization.

This is a short bio and my interest you will notice while reading the blog. Also make sure to check out the “how autism feels” series, where I write about how certain autistic things feel, from an actual autistic point of view. Be sure to check out my analogies as well, where I try to explain difficult to understand subjects in an easy to understand matter.

This blog has grown from a blog about autism and autism life, to a more general blog. I write about autism still, but also write about gaming and all the other things that interest me. You will also find original stories written by me and other artistic things I might be doing at the moment.