I read some comments on this article. And it actually broke my heart.

I think autism speaks is winning, in painting autism of as a deathsentence. The article is 2 years old. 2 years had it had time to be read and even in the first paragraph is ableist bullshit, as if the speaking end of the spectrum has it easier, has a milder form (to use functioning labels), they fail to grasp that autism is a way of looking at the world, not a freaking death sentence.

I could “live” with the first part, I skimmed over the article, as it’s the usual ” oh, it’s so bad for me because i,have a kid with autism” most autistic parents spew to whomever wants to listen…

I read some of the comments, and then it really hit me. If autism speaks and it’s evil minion researchers ever find a prenatal test for autism, then it’s bye bye autistics. Most people have the illussion, thanks to rhe more vocal autism speaks and autism parents, that autism is an godawful condition, so bad in fact, that people want to abort us, which means, not even giving their kid, which they made, a chance of life, because they heard it might be that awful monster, autism, that is going to take away their child.

They would rather have no child, than a child that might need care. I have spoken about this before, with my girlfriend. We went over the whatif situation. What if our child was autistic, like me. Or had a bowel-disease like me. Would we keep it? Or would we abort it.

I have put more things into the discussion. What if it’s down syndrome? Would we keep it? I don’t think She ever had doubts when She gave her answer… off course we would keep it. Are we nazi’s? ( I can’t think of more despicable people, I haven’t lost the internet discussion.)

I,don’t understand the logic. Never will. Of people who can say with a straight face that they would abort a child. I only allow it in one circumstance: when a woman is raped and She got pregnant because of that. Then abortion is fine.

My philosophy is: if you are mature enough to fuck, you are mature enough to raise a child. If your child is disabled, it’s disabled, and it still deserved a perfect life. Society has to be for everybody, not only for a neurotypical perfect race.

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