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While not every resource here will contain explicit triggering content, much of the resources in this masterpost mention or deal with generally triggering material. Content warnings for institutionalized ableism, medical abuse, restraint, child abuse, torture, anti-autistic ableism, “quiet hands”, emotional and psychological abuse, manipulation, infantilization, nonconsensual “therapy”, compliance training, and violence against disabled children and adults.

Resources for therapists/professionals:

If you want me to believe you’re a good behaviourist
ABA and Autism – the thorny problem of control and consent (this is very good and very thorough, a must read)
Appearing to enjoy behaviour modification is not meaningful
ABA therapy is not like typical parenting (this one is relevant to “life skills” acquisition)
Resources other than ABA
How to Tell if an Autism ABA Therapy Is Harmful

THE MISBEHAVIOUR OF BEHAVIOURISTS: Ethical Challenges to the Autism-ABA Industry
“After you hit a child, you can’t just get up and leave him; you are hooked to that kid” O. Ivar Lovaas Interview With Paul Chance, Psychology Today, 1974

A note to what feels like every ABA therapist ever

Writings on ABA by a/Autistic people:

My Thoughts on ABA
A Challenge to Autism Professionals
No You Don’t
Breaking Down ABA
ABA teaches kids how NOT to communicate
I wish behaviourists understood
Why I oppose ABA as a method of instruction

ABA 101

Writings on the connection between ABA and trauma/PTSD:

An open letter to families considering intensive behaviour therapy for their child with autism (part one) (part two)
Trauma & Autism
The truth about ABA

Writings on ABA by professionals/therapists/ex-ABA therapists:

What ABA is like: The point of view of a former therapist
“I’m sorry, but that’s not earning your token…”
Dr. Mona Delahooke’s entire ABA tag:
Why I Left ABA

Writings from the parents of a/Autistic children:

Would You Accept This Behavior Towards a Non-Autistic Child?
Tackling That Troublesome Issue of ABA and Ethics
More On ABA
The cost of compliance in unreasonable
The Influence of Others
Changing the child vs. helping the child