A viral video that really bugs me

Watch this video first, than come back and read what I have to say about it.

My comments:
I have been thrown out of a facebook group already because I posted something like this. It was a post by one of the admins, and she didn’t like my comment.

First of all, I’m a millenial. I was born in 1987, which in 2017, will make me 30 years old (don’t get me started, I feel old already).

Previous generations have been blabbering about next generations for ages already (here’s a compilation, courtesy of mentalfloss.com)

So, what he is doing is nothing new entirely. Seemingly looking profound and intellectual, while I have watched his rant on millenials, there is nothing of concrete fact in his whole rant.

Hooked on texts and beeps of our phone

He talks about dopamine release every time you get a text, while this is true. (here’s a link to a psychologytoday article). The title of the article is “Why we are ALL addicted to texts, twitter and google. It doesn’t say, why are only millenials addicted.

No, we are not more susceptible to addictions than previous generations. We are not hooked on technology. I can still read a book in peace. It’s just that the technology is readily available all around us, and when you are not in on the new technology, you are labeled old or behind. So thanks to our herd-mentality you are pushed on the new technology, so it’s not only millenials.

His next big thing: We want comfort at our workplace

He says that we want comfort at our workplace. Well Ladi-dah, Mr. Sinek. I have worked as an IT-consultant before. My job was to hook up new toys for people at the firm I worked at. I worked with millenials, Generation X’s and older generations. I can honestly tell you, of all the things I was told to dispatch, the only comfort toys, like an ergonomic mouse or a keyboard that had certain layouts printed on them, were asked for by the older generations, not millenials. The few millenials that I encountered were happy to be there, and humble to even have a job. Which brings me to my next point.

Where are those mythical millenials that have jobs?

Excuse me, Mr. Sinek. But I have seen more unemployed millenials than I have seen with jobs, and those that have jobs, are hardworking, taking whatever job they can get, even if they studied for something totally else. Previous generation have jobs, for which they didn’t even study, having no degrees at all, taking jobs that they are underqualified for, while there are countless millenials that have to take jobs that they can get, so they can get a little bit of comfort that generations like yours, Mr. Sinek, got for much less trouble.

I can make this post a whole lot longer, maybe there is even a second part coming up, but I hate it when they bash millenials, when we have to clean up the mess of previous generations, pay up more in taxes and don’t even have to hope to get a little bit out of the pension fund.

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