2010-2019: the end of a decade

what a personal decade it has been. For me personally, all my previous relationships fell into this decade. So I can tell that it has been a decade of love. I still remember all my girlfriends and the first dates I had, I still remember every fight I had, too. It wasn’t pretty, but it changed me.

I finally was set loose from my mom, a huge win. I don’t need her permission or approval. I can just be now. I can just be me, without her judging me. I am not completely free to be who I am yet, but I am working towards it.

This is the decade that I learned I am autistic, and an adhd’er. I gave myself permission to be myself more, to give myself time to get away from situations that are to much for me. I will now go upstairs when it gets to overwhelming. I will take naps when I am depressed, to give myself rest.

it has been a decade of trying and failing and trying again. I have done my failed Kickstarter to fund my Mentalism show, which bombed. (The featured image was from the flyer I got made by a friend of mine, for that show) I tried to get on Belgium’s got talent, but never got further than the auditions. I set up this blog, with the title of my Mentalism show, and it is still running. Becoming more popular each year, and which gives me an outlet to be me. To showcase me. To unapologetically be autistic. To show my adhd in all jt’s glory.

if you were with me during this journey, I thank you for still being here. I thank you for walking beside me, and I hope I will still be able to welcome you in the next decade.

A happy 2020 and may some of your endeavours bare fruit.

Every post is written first in scrivener 3, which you can get a 30 day free trial of here at literature and latte.

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